Days spent taking fun road trips with sometimes inappropriate cars. Plus a bit of time in the garage.

About Detour Right

How does the cliche go? Life is too short to drive boring cars. Regardless, it’s definitely true. That’s why I tend to do my road trips in fun cars rather than an RV. Sure, having to book hotels can be a pain at times. Making sure the angle of entry is workable in some downtown car parks, making sure it’s a secure place in the out of the way places and generally hoping the car will be there in the morning and as I left it the night before.

Wouldn’t change it though. Knowing the general direction I need to head and looking at Google Maps for some curving roads is my strategy. Other times I randomly find a great stretch of road and resisting the temptation to turn around and give it another run. None of that would work if I was driving an RV.

So have a read if you want. These are minute by minute trip reports. Just the highlights and a few fun things. As I said, random roads combined with meeting random people along the way. Also a few planned catch ups with other car loving people. Perhaps start by reading a bit about me first.